• Global Business Development

    Global Business Development

    CZA, Inc. hosts workshops on specific countries in which local companies can look to successfully implement an expansion strategy. We also assist foreign companies that want to enter the US market.

    Orlando, Florida!

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  • Tap Into Our Network!

    Tap Into Our Network!

    We have established a robust network of elected officials, high level executives and companies throughout the State of Florida, the Americas, Europe and Asia, all of whom respect and support our performance.

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  • International Trade Guidance & Counsel

    International Trade Guidance & Counsel

    CZA Inc. develops thorough marketing programs for clients whether for international trade initiatives or export promotion activities. We guide you in every step of the process.

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CZA, Inc. Global business Consulting


CZA, Inc. is your direct source for global business development and international trade counsel. Whether you are a U.S. based company looking to expand in the state of Florida, or looking for growth opportunities in international markets, or a foreign company finding a way to make prosperous investments and to expand and grow your business in the U.S., we can help you navigate through that process from start to finish, successfully.

Business development and International Trade Consulting

Let us help you uncover a world of well-defined and rewarding opportunities for your company…globally. Explore your growth options, knowing that CZA, Inc. has the knowledge, expertise, connections and business savvy to point you in the right direction.

Business development Services

CZA, Inc. provides in-depth business guidance to U.S. based companies regarding expansion into international markets, and to companies from abroad about new business endeavors in Orlando and the Central Florida region. Our professional team includes marketing and business development experts and trade specialists, who can assist you in the following areas:

Our Clients

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    News and Events

    Carmenza Gonzalez attended the prestigious Don Quijote Awards

    Carmenza Gonzalez attended the prestigious Don Quijote Awards on Saturday, December 9 with friends from BB&T and Kate Fishers.

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    Congratulations to Chef Catherine Delrieu of Mon Petit Cheri Café

    Congratulations to Chef Catherine Delrieu of Mon Petit Cheri Café for winning the Orlando Signature Dish culinary competition. Earlier this year, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs challenged the area’s culinary community to create a honey-based dessert that would reflect the history and personality of Orlando.

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    Wall Street Journal Defines Chrystal Lagoons as the MOST price amenity

    Wall Street Journal Defines Chrystal Lagoons as the MOST price amenity. When Chrystal Lagoons contracted CZA Inc. to facilitate introductions to developers in Central Florida, Carmenza U. Gonzalez coordinated several meetings with potential clients resulting on in a project to build a Chrystal Lagoon at Lake Nona. More details in the following article.

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